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Don’t Get Caught Naked – Tips for the adult family home caregiver

Oh,oh….have you ever felt totally surprised…unprepared…maybe even…n a k e d?
Caregiving is full of the unexpected!  I’d like to help you be better prepared for your cargiving experience by sharing the stories from my caregiver journey.  Included are tips that will streamline your day.
I’ll share these  stories and tips with you in my upcoming book:
Don’t […]

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Hey Twinkle Toes…tame those barking dogs!

By Holly Pitas

“My dogs are barking!”  I had no idea what she was talking about.  Bertie explained to me her expression for saying her feet hurt.

Even following her Doctor recommendations and prescribed medications, most everything on her body ached at some point each day. It was the painful feet that she considered most intolerable.  She […]

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Let’s take a ride…

By Holly Pitas
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Here come the seagulls…

By Cori Marsh.
If you are a family caregiver and have out of town relatives come in for a short visit, have you noticed how much better your loved one seems to be while they are here?

Have you been in a position to ask them for help, or tried to talk to them about […]

Would it be a good idea for mom to move in with me?

By Holly Pitas

Living with an elderly parent can work wonders in certain families. Multigenerational households were common before the 1960’s and are still the norm in most of the world.
The invitation to move into the household is often sparked by the child’s love and sense of duty. For some families this is precious […]

When Siblings Disagree About Aging Parents – Who Is Right?

By Holly Pitas

Even in the happiest, most congenial of families, where you’ve gotten together for every holiday – differences of opinion exist. And they range from whether mashed potatoes are mandatory with lamb for Easter to what’s the best residential facility for a parent. Obviously the later decision is a bit more important, wouldn’t you say?

What happens when siblings differ, big time?

How can you navigate the trials of aging parents when you can’t stand to be in the same room with your childhood nemesis that just happens to share your DNA?

Remember, it’s not about you.  And, it’s not about your sibling. It’s about the best circumstances for your elder parent.  Keep your childhood ego under wraps and show up as a grownup.

Take stock of the situation Today.  And, respond in accordance with the person you are, Today.

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Reverse Mortgages: Understanding the Basics

Stay in your home with peace of mind

Many older Americans facing retirement want to find a way to increase their monthly income.  Today, more than ever before, there are new and innovative home ownership options that can help seniors optimize cash flow and promote peace of mind.

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