How to Optimize Low Tech Etiquette in a High Tech World.

By Holly Pitas

Y’all come back now, Y’hear!  Do you remember that last line of the theme song from a 1960’s TV show.  “The Beverly Hillbillies” had Granny to look after the family. With her watchful eye and shotgun in hand, Granny took charge of the household.

On most days, you probably feel a kinship with Granny. As an assisted living professional you are charged with looking out for the better health and welfare of the elderly, and staff  in your facility; albeit,  minus the shot gun. In your fast paced day you often have only a few minutes to convey the depth of caring attention you and your staff provide.

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When Siblings Disagree About Aging Parents – Who Is Right?

By Holly Pitas

Even in the happiest, most congenial of families, where you’ve gotten together for every holiday – differences of opinion exist. And they range from whether mashed potatoes are mandatory with lamb for Easter to what’s the best residential facility for a parent. Obviously the later decision is a bit more important, wouldn’t you say?

What happens when siblings differ, big time?

How can you navigate the trials of aging parents when you can’t stand to be in the same room with your childhood nemesis that just happens to share your DNA?

Remember, it’s not about you.  And, it’s not about your sibling. It’s about the best circumstances for your elder parent.  Keep your childhood ego under wraps and show up as a grownup.

Take stock of the situation Today.  And, respond in accordance with the person you are, Today.

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U.S.Health System Not Adequately Prepared For The Aging Sick

The problem can really break down for people with multiple chronic conditions.
By Janet Raloff

An editorial in tomorrow’s Journal of the American Medical Association offers anything but welcome words for Baby Boomers and their elders. These aging, if not geriatric, individuals constitute a large share of the 75-million-and-growing number of patients annually who must cope with at least two chronic medical conditions — ones that will each require at least a year of ongoing treatment.

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Ready for the WALA Conference?

By Holly Pitas

Leaving the office to attend a Conference is always a challenge. Our work continues to pile up on our desk whether or not we are in the office. We will always have more work than time.

The Conference formally begins on Wednesday March 24, 2010. This year is at Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells.

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Reverse Mortgages: Understanding the Basics

Stay in your home with peace of mind

Many older Americans facing retirement want to find a way to increase their monthly income.  Today, more than ever before, there are new and innovative home ownership options that can help seniors optimize cash flow and promote peace of mind.

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Selecting a Care Home For Your Loved Ones

Moving your parents to a retirement home or a long-term care home can be very stressful. Deciding what’s best for an aging parent is a task of utmost responsibility.

Thinking about who is the best person to care for your mom or dad is a never ending thought. Here I am writing some tips to guide you in selection of best care home for your loved ones.

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How Assisted Living Care Can Help Your Elderly Loved One

When people think of the word “caregiver”, the scenario that comes to mind is a mother or father caring for a child. But as time passes this role can reverse, with the child becoming responsible for an elderly parents needs. If the responsibility of caring for an older parent, relative, or loved one falls on your shoulders and you attend to the majority of their needs, assisted living care can provide supplementary care and relief.

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Choosing Between Assisted Living Facilities And Nursing Homes

There really comes a time in our lives when we find it difficult to look after ourselves. The change comes in dramatically like when we have just come from a recent illness or just suffered an accident. Whichever is the case, we are forced to stay home and seek the help of other people. It will be good if we have family and friends whom we can depend and who will extend their assistance. If this is not possible, then there are support social services such as the National Health Service or home care facilities that will provide district nurses to come and visit you. Yet others will be forced to stay either in assisted living facilities or in Florida nursing homes, whichever accommodation would satisfy them and be able to meet their needs.

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Care Homes: Care You Can Depend on

Care Homes have become a popular option for many children when they can’t provide all the care their parents need and they don’t want to leave their aging parents alone at home.

One can also hire a Home care worker to help your parent in daily activities such as bathing, dressing etc but this option doesn’t provide that socialization component that a care home offers to help seniors rejuvenate their college days.

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Assisted Living- Twenty Four Hours Care

Whenever parents or other older members of the family become too old or cannot perform their daily routine on their own, or are physically handicapped, some sort of help is to be provided to them to overcome this problem. In the first instance some family member, generally the spouse takes the responsibility of looking after the person. However, sometimes there may be some situation where the family members cannot perform the work due to various reasons which may vary from death of the care taker, accidents in the family, illness, transfer of the care taker to a different place on account of service or business, etc. In such a situation some other alternative has to be found out for taking care of the parents or the person concerned. This reason may unique and different in each case.

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